Changes are a-comin’.

Wow! It really has been awhile, hasn’t it? Our Dear Author (DA) has graduated from graduate school (last December actually… in 2015). Now she’s trying to get some experience in the library field so that she can get hired by someone! That’s the fortune of being plastic… no need to work!

Also, DA is moving! We shall try to take and post pictures of our new place once things get settled. So we haven’t been able to travel as much as we once did, and hopefully, things will pick up once again after everything has calmed down some. DA is trying to get involved with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), which could mean more activities for us to stowaway to! Stay tuned!

We had a brief snowstorm a few days ago, and pictures were taken!


Maybe as the winter continues, there will be more snowfall and more opportunities for play!

We shall try to update things as they happen. Hopefully, the absences won’t be quite as long…

We thank you for your patience.

Jasper and Alice


Hello there!!

Yes, we’re still here.

Things have been pretty mellow as of late, so this here is a catch-up post of sorts to let everyone know what we’ve been up to recently.

Winter was pretty mild, so not much snow to play in this time around, sad to say.

But Spring was beautiful, naturally!!

We love frolicking in the cherry blossoms!

Our next outing was in May for Memorial day and a cookout that a friend of our caretaker’s held. While we didn’t partake, we still had fun.

DSCN3142 (1)_Fotor

Our latest adventure was to Roan Mountain and the Rhododendron Gardens. This is peak season for them and the sites were beautiful!!


The weather was lovely, even a little bit misty, which kept the sun (and sparkles) at bay!

Amazing view!

Here’s hoping everyone will have a pleasant summer and that more adventures await!

Mist over the rhododendron bushes on the mountain.

Fall Fun!!

Wow! Sorry for the long delay in between postings. Things have been pretty busy lately.

However, we do have some catching up to do…

A few months back, we went on a trip to Oak Ridge, TN to visit one of the museums there that showcased the city’s role in developing the atomic bomb during WWII.

While there, we visited a memorial garden to honor those who had lived in the area at the time.

Standing next to one of the memorial plaques.
Standing next to one of the memorial plaques.

It was a very lovely area where one could walk and think and contemplate on many things.

Standing in one f the shade trees.
Standing in one of the shade trees.

It was a wonderful day all around.

Let's hold hands!
Let’s hold hands!

During this time, we had also visited one of the schools our Person was interning at in the library. We had a bit of fun…

These look familiar...
These look familiar…

Including some alphabetical enjoyment:

DSCN3125 DSCN3126

The leaves are turning here, so we naturally had some playfulness in them:

Jasper: Um, some of these are wet...
Jasper: Um, some of these are wet…

As well as some smootches in the rock garden…


Hopefully we’ll be seeing you again soon! Have a happy Thanksgiving!!


Tipton-Haynes Historical Site

This is unexpected indeed! Two posts so close to one another! This one is due to a spontaneous trip to a local historical site and museum. We were taken on a guided tour an learned many historical facts!

The lantern to a Phaeton Carriage that has been completely restored.

Jasper was very interested in the grounds and the house since he’s a history buff as well has a Civil War veteran himself.

"This house is slightly nicer than the one I grew up in in Texas..."
“This house is slightly nicer than the one I grew up in in Texas…”

I was a very fun and interesting day!

School Daze

Things are getting back into the swing of things now that we’re approaching the end of Summer. For instance, today, we took a trip to a school library.

My, don't these books look familiar...
My, don’t these books look familiar…

Our “caretaker,” if you will, is studying to be a school librarian and as a part of that, she must do an internship at a school library for a certain number of hours. We decided to keep her company today.

Relaxing atop the book cart with the books ready to be re-shelved...
Relaxing atop the book cart with the books ready to be re-shelved…

It a very interesting job, from what we’ve seen so far. We have more than a passing familiarity with many school libraries over the years, and while some things have changed, many others have stayed the same.

At the circulation desk, waiting to check out books!
At the circulation desk, waiting to check out books!

There will be another library to visit on another day, so we will be back again!

Go Junior Bucs!!


Things have been a little slow around here this summer. There’s not been a lot of activity lately. Hopefully that will change eventually in the next few months or so. A big trip is planned in the neat future, and we’d like to bring everyone along!

So watch this space and stay tuned!!

At the Litte Free Library in the Historic Tree District
Sit and read a spell!!

We’re back!

Far be it for us to be remiss in our followers. Our caretaker has had a busy life since returning back to school to earn her Master’s Degree, so maybe we should be a little lenient, shall we?

In any event, We had a very low key winter this year, and not a lot was happening. We did manage to go to an old local fort a few months back when there was a big snowfall to play in and that was quite a bit of fun.


We even managed to find a snowman that was just our size!!


So as we waited for the snow to thaw and the warm weather to visit us once again, we lay low for a little while.

Now the weather has turned warmer and the spring colors are in full bloom! We managed to sneak in some snuggles among some tulips.


Here’s hoping everyone is having a beautiful spring and enjoying the wonderful weather!

Catch- up time!!

Since it’s been a pretty hectic week, I wasn’t able to update as often as I would’ve liked to, but let’s remedy that, shall we?!

First up, is our trip to Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN.


At the entrance.

One of the features of the aquarium was the tunnel under the shark tank.


Try not to hum the Jaws theme, I dare you.

Afterwards, we went to see the Smokey Mountain at the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.


What a beautiful view!

We had a wonderful time with family and got to see beautiful sites!

Sycamore Shoals and the Biltmore

Due to a forgotten post yesterday, this is a combination post.

First of all, on Sunday the 21st of September, we went to Sycamore Shoals Historic Area. There was an Overmountain Victory celebration over the weekend and we had the opportunity to participate in the events, such as the firing of the cannon.


There is also a small exibit on site with photographs, media dispays and wax figures.

I have this strange feeling we’re being watched.

Today was a highly enjoyable excursion to the Biltmore Estate located in Asheville, NC which is an hour or so drive away from us. It was built in the late 19th Century by George Vanderbilt and is currently the largest privately owned residence in the United States. Since no photographs are allowed inside the house, all pictures were limited to the outside only.

The carved stone lions are guarding the main entrance of the home.

The ornate main entrance.

Tomorrow we’re off to Gatlinburg! See you soon!


And we’re off!

Well, after a wee bit of a hiatus, we are back in business! D’s father and step-mother are visiting from Michigan and therefore it means adventure time!

First of all, last night, the group of us went to a town called Erwin, TN where the humans ate at a nice family owned BBQ place called the ‘Hawg n Dawg’.

We're told the food is very good.
We’re told the food is very good.

Today, we took a trip into Tennessee’s oldest city, Jonesborough. The historic district is very quaint and lovely and everyone had a marvelous time! We took the opportunity to pose for our Autumn pictures.

Gazing wistfully within the stalks.
Gazing wistfully within the stalks.
Picture perfect!
Picture perfect!

Later in the evening, the troupe went to a delicious eatery called “Cootie Brown’s”.

A: It looks like someone got into my lipstick, J: That's from you, earlier...
A: It looks like someone got into my lipstick,
J: That’s from you, earlier…

More tomorrow!


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