We have to remember that we have indeed moved from a semi-tropical climate to a more moderate one. 

And that sometimes involves snow.

Earlier this month, the temperature did take enough of a dip that there were a few flurries of snow. None of it stuck to the ground, mind you. but it was still an impressive site!


A few flakes on the railing.

You can almost see the patterns in the snowflakes if you look close enough.


One even landed on Jasper’s foot.

Sadly, due to the limitations of the camera, some of the shots weren’t as clear as others.


No, I did not want to focus on the ground underneath the railing…

But, we were able to get a few decent ones, here and there.






Maybe once December rolls around, we can have more snow shots. And there are plans for ‘Thankgivingakkuh’, so stay tuned! 


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