Changes are a-comin’.

Wow! It really has been awhile, hasn’t it? Our Dear Author (DA) has graduated from graduate school (last December actually… in 2015). Now she’s trying to get some experience in the library field so that she can get hired by someone! That’s the fortune of being plastic… no need to work!

Also, DA is moving! We shall try to take and post pictures of our new place once things get settled. So we haven’t been able to travel as much as we once did, and hopefully, things will pick up once again after everything has calmed down some. DA is trying to get involved with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), which could mean more activities for us to stowaway to! Stay tuned!

We had a brief snowstorm a few days ago, and pictures were taken!


Maybe as the winter continues, there will be more snowfall and more opportunities for play!

We shall try to update things as they happen. Hopefully, the absences won’t be quite as long…

We thank you for your patience.

Jasper and Alice