*blows off the dust*

I bet you thought I forgot everyone, did you?

Things have been a little slow here. We haven’t gotten out all that much lately due to a few issues here and there.

Hopefully we can get back in full swing relatively soon.

In the meantime, I was completely remiss to post the pictures we had taken at The Natural Tunnel State park in Virginia a few months back.


Here are Jasper and Alice posing in front of the Carter Cabin located at the park.


Standing on a bridge overlooking the river. Spotted were a few tadpoles in the water along the banks.


This is in front of the Natural Tunnel (if you can see it in the background). It was carved by the river over several millennium. It’s now used as a train tunnel to transport coal.

Sometimes soon we hope to visit the Tipton-Haynes Historical Area which is down the street from our house. The weather was a bit too much for the humans and the sun was too bright for Alice and Jasper. Maybe next time!!


We’re back!!

Sorry for the long delay, everyone, but there have been some technical issues on our side that’s taken some time to get fixed. Hopefully we’ll be back full forced from here on out!

In the meantime, here are a few pics of Jasper and Alice from a recent short trip we took.


Jasper: “What… is that?”

Alice: “Your guess is as good as mine.”


Nice and relaxing…

See everyone soon!!

Spring is (maybe) around the corner

While there are several areas of the country still being slammed by the harsh hand of winter, things in our neck of the woods are beginning to show some signs of spring.

Much of which are flowers beginning to bloom!


Such as these cherry blossoms!

Naturally, Jasper and Alice needed to get in on the fun.


Jasper: I’m getting pollen all over me.

Alice: Just think of the end result.


Jasper: I see your point.

We also went to Historic Downtown Jonesborough the weekend before to take in the sights of the architecture and the ambiance. However, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the kids standing near any of them, which I hope to remedy sometime in the future. 


Here’s one of them enjoying the silk flowers in the cafe in town.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy spring!



Well, the title is pretty self explanatory. We’re in the grips of a severe snow storm right now, and since there is no going anywhere, we decided there was only one thing to do: play in the snow!!!


We’re getting looks. Maybe we should have winter coats on?

It was tons of fun, but not long lasting due to cold… at least for the humans.

Stay warm everyone!!

Ready for Spring yet?

As much of the rest of the country has already figured out by now, this Winter has been a fairly harsh one. In our area, it’s been especially jarring since it doesn’t get as cold usually as it has been (or so we’ve been told).


Jasper: Brrrr, it looks cold out there.

Alice: Honey, we’re vampires. We aren’t affected by the cold.

Jasper: …

The humans are trying to stay warm as much as they can, which means many blankets and drinking of hot drinks, such as cocoa and tea.



So we hope everyone is staying warm and remember, Spring is just around the corner!!



Wow. Even the pool is frozen over…

Happy New Year — A Wee Bit Late

We hope everyone had a good and happy holiday season! 


We had fun, of course.

You may have noticed, we have a new layout for the new year! A little change is nice, we think!


Alice loved her gift from Jasper! 

We rung in the New Year watching the ball drop, naturally!


The countdown begins! 

And had a wee bit of the bubbly!


A New Year’s kiss.

Oops, looks like Jasper’s had a bit too much!



Have a blessed 2014!

Winter Wonderland

Looking back on the previous post, I posted about the sprinkling of snow we received a few weeks ago.

Well, it’s a bit different now:


To be honest, we don’t know how long it will last, so we decided to take the opportunity for some fun!



Snow angels!



Considering our previous climate, and the fact we’re unaffected by the weather, traipsing about in just short sleeves and impractical shoes may seem a bit absurd to some, but it was great fun!



We even went to the VA to tromp around a bit.


It can be a sticky though, but not enough for snowballs, alas…

We also hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving as well!


We have to remember that we have indeed moved from a semi-tropical climate to a more moderate one. 

And that sometimes involves snow.

Earlier this month, the temperature did take enough of a dip that there were a few flurries of snow. None of it stuck to the ground, mind you. but it was still an impressive site!


A few flakes on the railing.

You can almost see the patterns in the snowflakes if you look close enough.


One even landed on Jasper’s foot.

Sadly, due to the limitations of the camera, some of the shots weren’t as clear as others.


No, I did not want to focus on the ground underneath the railing…

But, we were able to get a few decent ones, here and there.






Maybe once December rolls around, we can have more snow shots. And there are plans for ‘Thankgivingakkuh’, so stay tuned! 

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