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And we’re off!

Well, after a wee bit of a hiatus, we are back in business! D’s father and step-mother are visiting from Michigan and therefore it means adventure time!

First of all, last night, the group of us went to a town called Erwin, TN where the humans ate at a nice family owned BBQ place called the ‘Hawg n Dawg’.

We're told the food is very good.
We’re told the food is very good.

Today, we took a trip into Tennessee’s oldest city, Jonesborough. The historic district is very quaint and lovely and everyone had a marvelous time! We took the opportunity to pose for our Autumn pictures.

Gazing wistfully within the stalks.
Gazing wistfully within the stalks.
Picture perfect!
Picture perfect!

Later in the evening, the troupe went to a delicious eatery called “Cootie Brown’s”.

A: It looks like someone got into my lipstick, J: That's from you, earlier...
A: It looks like someone got into my lipstick,
J: That’s from you, earlier…

More tomorrow!



Autumn in Tennessee

Since moving to a new area, we’ve had a chance to see the impressive sites there are locally. 

Granted, we haven’t been getting out much since the humans we’re with are trying to conserve resources, but when they do, it’s pretty impressive.


You’re never too old to play in the leaves.


We went to the local VA hospital, which has lovely grounds with lots of trees, fabulous buildings and a cool rock garden.



Jasper feels the need to climb the rocks. 


There’s also a time to cuddle as well…




It’s also harvest time.



This pumpkin seems a little big for us…



This is more like it!



Such a darling wagon!



How about some peek-a-boo amongst the willow tree?


We hope everyone has a pleasant Fall!!

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