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Adventures in August

We’ll try not to make a habit of posting an entry only once a month. The humans are pretty well settled into their new place, but while there are many places to explore, there aren’t always opportunities to take advantage of them.

So, let’s start with our trip to Abingdon, VA earlier in the month! Abingdon is a wonderful place filled with lots of history and wonderful sites.



As The Beatles say: All you need is LOVE.


It has a rich history and beautiful gardens and buildings.



The Martha Washington Inn. Formerly a ladies college. 


There were nearby muster grounds where a Civil War weekend was taking place.



Jasper: Boy, does THIS take me back!


This past weekend was a picnic at a local, out of the way waterfall called Blue Hole. The humans had joined a couple of Meetup groups in an effort to meet more people.

Naturally Jasper and Alice came along.



Waterfalls are just so tranquil.


Since Jasper and Alice don’t eat human food, they were content to simply enjoy the view.




And welcome to this blog, Aaron from the NSO! Happy to have you visiting! 

Next blog entry will be from Dragon Con!