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Apologies to you loyal followers! Things have been a little busy as we continue to settle in to our new home. 

So to make up for it, we’ll be combining a few trips into one post.


Sometimes it’s not easy being so small…

On the 6th, we went to a restaurant called ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’ which, according to the humans, was very good and had delicious down home cooking. 


Always stop to smell the flowers.

A few weeks after that, the humans went to visit some friends in Del Rio, TN at their very nice cabin in the woods and took a hike on Max Patch.


I love these mountain-top vistas!

We then went back to Cades Cove (which is where our avatar picture was taken). We made a stop at the John Oliver cabin, which has been standing in the area since the early 1800’s.


Jasper: This takes me back to when I was a boy in Texas.

And finally, this weekend was spent at a nearby town’s annual summer Fun fest and the balloon rally they have.


Alice: I’d love to go up in one someday…


That’s all for now! Stay tuned!!


Tennesee at last!

Finally made it into Tennessee! What a beautiful place! And we came just when the leaves were changing colors and the air was nice and crisp.

So we took a very long detour through Smoky Mountain National Park located in between Cherokee North Carolina and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Nothing like the fall mountain air!

Granted, the Pacific Northwest has some fine views as well and I’m sure the Cullens have traveled quite a bit in their long lives. However, I have not.

There's just something so majestic about a forest!

Yeah, they’re a little blurry in this particular shot. *sheepish*

playing in the leaves!

Ahhh, playing in a leaf pile was one of the best things about growing up where there were autumn leaves. Mom actually came up with this particular shot. Thanks, mom!

so this is where Emmett grew up? It explains a lot...

Don’t nom the horses, guys. Did you feed recently? I think the park services people would notice missing horses…


The carriage ride through Cade’s Cove was a lot of fun. Too bad the hay ride was late at night. I would’ve loved to have gotten a shot of them rolling in the hay!

picture perfect pose

This is my favorite shot of them. I use this picture for a lot of things, including the header banner for this blog. I even made a LiveJournal icon of this picture. Thanks again to mom for coming up with the pose. 🙂