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Buffalo Mountain Park

Today we went on a picnic to nearby Buffalo Mountain Park. Well, the human companions had the picnic, we were just along for the ride so to speak. 

So while the humans were eating, we wandered around a bit.


Beautiful flowers! Don’t know what they’re called. Must look into this.


The park itself consisted mostly of a picnic area and various hiking trails. The humans decided they weren’t capable as of yet to tackle the trails. so they walked the loop around the picnic area.



This tree stump is the perfect size for us!


There were rumors of bears around, but none were seen. This disappointed Jasper somewhat since it’d been awhile since he had a bear. Alice had to remind him that since this was a park, the bears (and other wildlife) were under government protection. 

Hopefully as we explore the area more, there will be more photo ops to be had. Stay tuned!