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Apologies to you loyal followers! Things have been a little busy as we continue to settle in to our new home. 

So to make up for it, we’ll be combining a few trips into one post.


Sometimes it’s not easy being so small…

On the 6th, we went to a restaurant called ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’ which, according to the humans, was very good and had delicious down home cooking. 


Always stop to smell the flowers.

A few weeks after that, the humans went to visit some friends in Del Rio, TN at their very nice cabin in the woods and took a hike on Max Patch.


I love these mountain-top vistas!

We then went back to Cades Cove (which is where our avatar picture was taken). We made a stop at the John Oliver cabin, which has been standing in the area since the early 1800’s.


Jasper: This takes me back to when I was a boy in Texas.

And finally, this weekend was spent at a nearby town’s annual summer Fun fest and the balloon rally they have.


Alice: I’d love to go up in one someday…


That’s all for now! Stay tuned!!