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And we’re off!

Well, after a wee bit of a hiatus, we are back in business! D’s father and step-mother are visiting from Michigan and therefore it means adventure time!

First of all, last night, the group of us went to a town called Erwin, TN where the humans ate at a nice family owned BBQ place called the ‘Hawg n Dawg’.

We're told the food is very good.
We’re told the food is very good.

Today, we took a trip into Tennessee’s oldest city, Jonesborough. The historic district is very quaint and lovely and everyone had a marvelous time! We took the opportunity to pose for our Autumn pictures.

Gazing wistfully within the stalks.
Gazing wistfully within the stalks.
Picture perfect!
Picture perfect!

Later in the evening, the troupe went to a delicious eatery called “Cootie Brown’s”.

A: It looks like someone got into my lipstick, J: That's from you, earlier...
A: It looks like someone got into my lipstick,
J: That’s from you, earlier…

More tomorrow!




It’s that time of year again! Christmas!

We took the opportunity to play in the Christmas trees.


First is the purple fiber optic tree in the bedroom.


Then in the big tree in the living room. 

It’s kinda fun to play in amongst the ornaments and lights. 

No snow though. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be a white Christmas after all, sadly…

Winter Wonderland

Looking back on the previous post, I posted about the sprinkling of snow we received a few weeks ago.

Well, it’s a bit different now:


To be honest, we don’t know how long it will last, so we decided to take the opportunity for some fun!



Snow angels!



Considering our previous climate, and the fact we’re unaffected by the weather, traipsing about in just short sleeves and impractical shoes may seem a bit absurd to some, but it was great fun!



We even went to the VA to tromp around a bit.


It can be a sticky though, but not enough for snowballs, alas…

We also hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving as well!


We have to remember that we have indeed moved from a semi-tropical climate to a more moderate one. 

And that sometimes involves snow.

Earlier this month, the temperature did take enough of a dip that there were a few flurries of snow. None of it stuck to the ground, mind you. but it was still an impressive site!


A few flakes on the railing.

You can almost see the patterns in the snowflakes if you look close enough.


One even landed on Jasper’s foot.

Sadly, due to the limitations of the camera, some of the shots weren’t as clear as others.


No, I did not want to focus on the ground underneath the railing…

But, we were able to get a few decent ones, here and there.






Maybe once December rolls around, we can have more snow shots. And there are plans for ‘Thankgivingakkuh’, so stay tuned! 

Autumn in Tennessee

Since moving to a new area, we’ve had a chance to see the impressive sites there are locally. 

Granted, we haven’t been getting out much since the humans we’re with are trying to conserve resources, but when they do, it’s pretty impressive.


You’re never too old to play in the leaves.


We went to the local VA hospital, which has lovely grounds with lots of trees, fabulous buildings and a cool rock garden.



Jasper feels the need to climb the rocks. 


There’s also a time to cuddle as well…




It’s also harvest time.



This pumpkin seems a little big for us…



This is more like it!



Such a darling wagon!



How about some peek-a-boo amongst the willow tree?


We hope everyone has a pleasant Fall!!

As always, be sure to visit our Facebook and Google+ pages for more pictures!

Adventures in August

We’ll try not to make a habit of posting an entry only once a month. The humans are pretty well settled into their new place, but while there are many places to explore, there aren’t always opportunities to take advantage of them.

So, let’s start with our trip to Abingdon, VA earlier in the month! Abingdon is a wonderful place filled with lots of history and wonderful sites.



As The Beatles say: All you need is LOVE.


It has a rich history and beautiful gardens and buildings.



The Martha Washington Inn. Formerly a ladies college. 


There were nearby muster grounds where a Civil War weekend was taking place.



Jasper: Boy, does THIS take me back!


This past weekend was a picnic at a local, out of the way waterfall called Blue Hole. The humans had joined a couple of Meetup groups in an effort to meet more people.

Naturally Jasper and Alice came along.



Waterfalls are just so tranquil.


Since Jasper and Alice don’t eat human food, they were content to simply enjoy the view.




And welcome to this blog, Aaron from the NSO! Happy to have you visiting! 

Next blog entry will be from Dragon Con!


Apologies to you loyal followers! Things have been a little busy as we continue to settle in to our new home. 

So to make up for it, we’ll be combining a few trips into one post.


Sometimes it’s not easy being so small…

On the 6th, we went to a restaurant called ‘The Farmer’s Daughter’ which, according to the humans, was very good and had delicious down home cooking. 


Always stop to smell the flowers.

A few weeks after that, the humans went to visit some friends in Del Rio, TN at their very nice cabin in the woods and took a hike on Max Patch.


I love these mountain-top vistas!

We then went back to Cades Cove (which is where our avatar picture was taken). We made a stop at the John Oliver cabin, which has been standing in the area since the early 1800’s.


Jasper: This takes me back to when I was a boy in Texas.

And finally, this weekend was spent at a nearby town’s annual summer Fun fest and the balloon rally they have.


Alice: I’d love to go up in one someday…


That’s all for now! Stay tuned!!

Rocky Mount Living History Museum

Happy independence Day everyone! Hope you were able to celebrate with loved ones today!!

As for Jasper and Alice, they went along with their human companions to Rocky Mount Living History Museum, which has a working sheep farm, a museum and a tour of one of the first settlements in this area.



Alice: Great. You can see right up my nose.


There were reenactors in costume who would explain a little about the house and what it was like to live in the late 18th Century.



There were also many beautiful flowers as well as an herb garden and a vegetable garden.

And let’s not forget the sheep:


Jasper: It’s a good thing we fed before coming here…

Hope you’ll join us once again for the next adventure that awaits us!


Buffalo Mountain Park

Today we went on a picnic to nearby Buffalo Mountain Park. Well, the human companions had the picnic, we were just along for the ride so to speak. 

So while the humans were eating, we wandered around a bit.


Beautiful flowers! Don’t know what they’re called. Must look into this.


The park itself consisted mostly of a picnic area and various hiking trails. The humans decided they weren’t capable as of yet to tackle the trails. so they walked the loop around the picnic area.



This tree stump is the perfect size for us!


There were rumors of bears around, but none were seen. This disappointed Jasper somewhat since it’d been awhile since he had a bear. Alice had to remind him that since this was a park, the bears (and other wildlife) were under government protection. 

Hopefully as we explore the area more, there will be more photo ops to be had. Stay tuned!