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A Little Interlude…

D here.

A little pause in the regular posting (which I do hope to continue soon).

I don’t know if some of you are aware that I do have another Alice doll. Made by Tonner, she’s a bit bigger than the NECA figurines I use in my travels and is for collectable purposes only.

However, I do like to use her sometimes as a ‘photo mannequin’ for when I want to test out various lighting and poses for my photography projects. She tends to be much more cooperative than living beings and I can see how different lighting effects appear on facial features.

Anyway, I was doing such a project today and since Mini Jasper and Alice are wee little camera whores, they felt they needed to get into the act a bit.

by the window, in natural light. no sparkles though.

It was an excellent day to use natural lighting. So I took advantage of it.


Pardon the wrinkled and somewhat dingy backdrop. It’s my blanket…

Alice and Mini Alice have the same outfit on. scandalous.

I had a hard time getting Mini Jasper to stand properly. So he’s leaning. I’d say he was a wee bit tipsy, but he doesn’t drink.

Are you looking down Alice's cleavage, Jasper? How ungentlemanly.

I was frustrated with Alice Dollen’s choker’s inability to stay put.

family portrait

There is news of a Tonner Jasper in the works, which I will be getting my hands on some way or another. Alice Dollen needs a Jasper. More importantly, I need a Jasper.



Before any trip, one must test out the equipment and make sure things are at least a little easy to pose and manipulate. Some of these are the test shots before the Big Trip of Tennessee in October 2010.

say 'hi' to everyone guys!
without external lighting

Not bad. Not bad. Being action figures, of course they’re pretty easy to pose and not very fussy.

try to smile sometimes, Jasper...
with external lighting (i.e. a desk lamp)

Errr, don’t mind the closet clutter in the background there… And I believe I turned the flash off as well.

against a plain background (i.e. a wall)

Not too bad…

without flash

This one was kinda blurry I must say. And without the flash, the ambient lighting casts everything with a yellowish hue.

Well, you get the idea. Next post will be from the first night of the October trip! see you soon!